What We Teach!

We teach the "Ballroom Dance".The ten dances of International Standard and International Latin most popular styles around the World.

International Standard:

International Latin:

Next what we teach as such popular in the United States and Canada, the American Style (American Smooth and American Rhythm) also exists. The dance technique used for both International and American styles is similar, but International Standard allows only closed dance positions, whereas American Smooth allows closed, open and separated dance movements. In addition, different sets of dance patterns are usually taught for the two styles. International Latin and American Rhythm have different styling, and have different dance patterns in their respective syllabi.

American Smooth:

American Rhythm:

Others dances sometimes placed under the umbrella "ballroom dance" include Nightclub Dances 

Nightclub Dances:

And any type of Show Dances on Showcases with every style what you learned on top including Weddings First Dance and Social Dance. Whether you’re a first time dancer or a seasoned professional, you can learn, have fun, and perfect your technique with individualized private dance lessons or group classes. We will work with you to build a personalized plan to meet your needs around dancing. BOOK YOUR LESSON NOW Just $35.