Map Direction: 12101N.56th St. Tampa FL 33617
Schedule for Group Classes on this Month (All Levels):
Every Monday, Now is:

"TANGO" Beginner/Advance at 7:00-8:00$8pp

and "BOLERO" Beginner/Advance 8:00-9:00$8pp 

Dance Party: Every Friday 8:00-10:00$8pp

Next Month: " WALTZ" Beginner/Advance at 7:00-8:00

and " CHA-CHA-CHA " Beginner/Advance at 8:00-9:00

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"The CABARET Dance CLUB" at Palm Harbor FL
"Map Destination: 35235 U.S. 19 N Palm Harbor "Cabaret DC"
Every Tuesday Group Class: Now is "QUICKSTEP"(all Levels) at 7:00-8:00$10pp

Public Dance: Tuesday at 8:00 - 10:00 $10 pp ($17 Class+Dance)    

Next Month: "NIGHT CLUB 2 STEPS" Beginner/Advance at 7:00-8:00

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